Veo Operator & Video Editor Required

We are looking for someone to look after our recording of games and video editing of highlights for both home and away games.

The role would suit someone who is already doing video editing or just getting into it, someone who loves football, its a great way to learn new editing skills.

The role involves the following tasks.

  • Home Games – Site the Veo camera on our monopod that is next to the home dugout.
  • Away Games – Site our tripod in the correct location and attach the Veo camera.
  • Connect to the Veo camera using mobile device and start the recording around 15 minutes before kick-off.
    At the end of the game, connect to the Veo camera again and stop the recording.
  • Home Games – Connect the Veo camera to the clubs broadband connection and power supply to allow the recording to upload to our Veo portal.
  • Away Games – Hand to someone who can take the camera to the ground and connect it to the clubs broadband connection and power supply to allow the recording to upload to our Veo portal.
  • The software on the Veo portal will analyse the game and create highlights of the game, goals, free kicks, corners, shots on goal etc. You will need to go through these highlights to correct any mistakes the software might make and remove any clips that are relevant for the final highlights video. Mistakes that can be made by the software is creating a clip for a goal when it wasn’t actually a goal, a shot just gone wide or a disallowed goal. Total time to do this is a maximum of 1 hour and would normally be ready to be done within 12 hours of uploading the footage.
  • Once all the highlights clips created by Veo analytics have been corrected and any additional clips created by yourself, you will then have to download all the highlight clips. Once downloaded they need to be loaded into a video software editing package, we can supply a copy if you do not have one. After adding some graphics, similar to our previous highlight videos, can be seen on our official YouTube Channel “Hyde United Official YouTube Channel“, the video will need to be compiled and then uploaded to our YouTube Channel to the correct playlist. Again, this should take a maximum of an hour.
  • Home Games – We are required by The NPL to upload any goal clips to The NPL dropbox location the day after a game.

You will be able to gain free entry to home and away games as part of our media team, enabling you to watch the game whilst the Veo camera records it.

You can also get involved in creating new content for our YouTube channel, interviews with management staff and players etc.

If you are interested then please email, and let us know what experience level you have in video editing.