Painting The Town Red

It’s been a long time coming, but finally the stadium is slowly reclaiming its traditional red livery.

We started last season by replacing some of our blue seats in the main stand with our Sponsor A Seat promotion, whereby supporters sponsored a seat for a season or two and the monies raised from that allowed us to purchase 50 new red seats.

Just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit we managed to get some red seats from Manchester United, who were doing some work at Old Trafford which freed up a large amount of seats, which they kindly let us have for free and for that we are very grateful to them.

Another small batch of seats that they donated to us a few weeks back and being able to source a supplier to purchase the rest of the seats to match to completely replace all the supporter seating with red seats.

Local upholstery company Warm Front., then offered to recover all our seats in the directors box with red vinyl which allowed us to have a main stand completely in red seating.

Also, one of our supporters was able to get new vinyl stickers made up for us, so a thank you to Kerry Higginson should not go a miss either.

It didn’t stop there though, with paint brushes in hand, the volunteers who gave up their time to install all the red seating, then set about painting all the blue paint work in and around the main stand red.

We are grateful to them for the time they have given and the effort they have put in, and the continued time and effort they are still giving as they continue now to paint as much as they can.

It just shows what great supporters and volunteers we have, the likes of

  • Daz Mellor
  • Martin Coyne
  • Dan Seddon
  • Paul Bramwell
  • Simon Moore
  • Arron Bromley
  • Toby Maddox
  • Phoebe Mellor
  • Steve Johnson
  • Danny Jarret
  • Tony McAuley
  • Arron Maddox
  • Angela Harley
  • Gavin Castree
  • Kerry Higginson


A big thank you to one and all.

But our aim is to slowly get the entire ground red, like it used to be. But that will take time, volunteers and of course materials in the form of paint, lots of paint.

If you can spare time to help paint the rest of the ground, any time would be gratefully received even if its only an hour or two, then let us know so we can co-ordinate the works party. Either DM us on Twitter or by contacting someone at the club.

If you are a local company or know a local company that would be willing to donate paint to help us complete the transformation, also either DM us on Twitter or contact someone at the club. We will give a shout out or some advertising to any company who would be willing to donate a quantity of paint and materials.

Let’s get the transformation complete.