A Message From The Board

Hyde United would like to remind our younger supporters that it is imperative that during a first team game no one encroaches onto the pitch. This includes at the final whistle whilst any players are on the pitch, be it our own players showing their appreciation to the supporters or the visiting team, who maybe using the pitch to warm down after the game.

There are several reasons no one should go onto the pitch whilst players and officials are still on it, including rules laid down by The FA “It is illegal to enter the pitch area in any stadium and these actions are putting players, fans and people who run the game at great risk.” A person entering the field of play could themselves become injured and could lead to an FA investigation and ultimately the football club being fined and/or sanctioned.

A number of young supporters going onto the pitch at the final whistle could be viewed as a pitch invasion and again could lead to an investigation by The FA, which could also lead to the football club being fined and/or sanctioned.

We have no problems with our younger supporters, many of whom are members of our junior teams, having a kick about on the pitch after a game, but this must only be done once all players and officials have left the pitch. After all, we are a community club with over 400 junior members of our junior teams, and don’t want to stop anyone playing football.

Unfortunately, even though announcements are made during a game for to tell everyone not to enter the field of play until all players and officials have left the pitch, it has become evident that this alone is not preventing it from happening. So, we have now had to go to the expense of putting up signage all around the perimeter fencing to remind people. These signs also will have the warning that anyone identified not abiding to the rules “risks being banned from the ground indefinitely”. Which would include not only first team games, but any games, training, or events at the ground. This might sound harsh, but polite reminders do not seem to have worked, and we must ensure the safety of everyone and protect the football club.

The football club has a large number of CCTV cameras around the ground and also the camera used to film our games sees 180 degrees and can see the entire pitch, so we will be able to identify those that enter the field of play when players and officials are still on it.