Goal of the Season 2014/15

With our virtual games now over we thought we would see what goals from past seasons everyone considered their goal of season. Our Official YouTube Channel has been tirelessly updated with every goal we could find going back to the 2011/12 season. Some seasons have more goals than others as it was a requirement in some leagues to film all games.

We have playlists that are split into the goals for each season. All you need to do is select each season below and vote for your one goal of the season for each one from those that we have on our playlists. Each season you select will have a link to the playlist for that season on our Official YouTube channel, if you want to refresh your mind.

After we have a winner from each of the seasons from 2011/12 to 2019/20 we will compile another vote to find out which winning goal from those seasons is the ultimate winner. I guess you could call it our goal of the decade.

2011/12 | 2012/13 | 2013/14 | 2014/15 | 2015/16 | 2016/17 | 2017/18 | 2018/19 | 2019/20

Select one goal from the list from the goals we have for that season from this playlist

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